Friday, August 10, 2012

The week has passed, mostly;  I've spent alot of time working on the condensation process and studying the marketing of e-courses, e-books, e-bay, e-this, and e-that until my poor head is about to explode.  You know, I didn't pick up the internet in a serious way until about 3 months ago, and now I'm on such a steep learning curve it leaves me breathless sometimes.  I just sort of get something figured out, at least to be able to use it a little, and then I find myself swept off to a new aspect, and swimming through mud again. I really wanted to continue shooting the videos - we'd figured out the process, it was going well, and we were having   alot of fun. can't stay in that ol' comfort zone.

 The objective for me, now, here, seems to be to push back the boundaries on several fronts at once. So, along with working to condense and edit, to pick out little gems for the trailers, to investigate websites, e-course/e-book, self-publishing, host sites, pay options, & who knows what else, I'm publicly stating, here and now, that I will write each day.

 Writing is, after all, one of the goals that lies beyond the publishing of Green Thumb Secrets.  I'm not ready for one of those writing challenge things yet, but I do know that a portal through which one must pass before doing serious writing is to write every day.  Heck, I've got so many notepads filled with ideas, observations, and passing thoughts, that I could easily copy stuff out of them, and have enough for a couple of years' daily entries, with never another creative juicing needed.  But I don't want to do that.  I want to chronicle the journey of one (delicately now) middle-aged woman bringing to reality a project she's been talking about for fifteen years.  It hasn't been all talk - the text of  The Color of Your Thumb Has Nothing To Do With It, as it will appear, will be the fourth draft, for most of it - but it is the actualization, the laying it out for other people to see, that involves steps never taken before, steps away from the comfortable confines of my own private gardens.  But here's the thing - I AM DOING IT. And that is filling me with the most wonderful excitement.

  Let us always keep in mind the words of the Doodah Man:"You're hand ain't worth a dime, if you don't lay your cards on the line."  (Remind me to tell you about the Doodah Man sometime).  And remember, green thumbs aren't green, they're just dirty.

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