Sunday, August 5, 2012

So this is truly my inaugural post.  It kind of looks like I'm inviting people to my home, when the only thing there is the foundation and framing for one wall.  But it's happening, darlings, it's happening.  You'll be able to watch as it grows and develops.  Anyone who has any suggestions based on their own experience with blogging, please toss 'em at me.

I know you've all been on pins-and-needles, tenterhooks, and the edges of your seats waiting for the appearance of my videos on youtube, as I have promised.  Well,   yesterday we arrived at a major paradigm shift: instead of  posting videos in 5 or 10 minute segments, with accompanying text printed on my blog, we are going to put up a 5minute-or-so condensed version of the first chapter, which is on watering,  with an equally condensed text on the blog.  Then, there will be a link to short "trailers" for each of the videos, which are each 10 - 15 minutes long.  The actual videos will be available for download at a fee; I do believe this is  becoming an ecourse!  Likewise, the text of Secrets of the Green Thumb will also be available for download.                  

The tasks for this week, then, are to put together the short-course video, and the trailers, and to work on building my blogsite.   Not to mention taking care of the most beautiful granddaughter in the world, the husband, the cats, the house, various and sundry plantcare tasks, at least a couple of the nearly-infinite jobs waiting to be done in my (it is to laugh at the term) garden...and,oh yes, the self, too.

Plus, I need to purchase a few small plants - begonias and ferns - to see if the cats will eat them, and get the mandavilla plant I've been promising myself all summer to put in front of the frontporch, and I really need to get a new camera; I killed my last one the night Lydia was born, when it was 5a.m., and she had finally arrived but I was also falling asleep so I got a coke because the only coffee available was seriously nasty and I put it into my bag to go get a breath of fresh air but the top was not screwed on tight and finally I felt wet stuff dripping on my foot from the bottom of my bag, but it was curtains for my camera.  Sigh.

And that's the way the time-and-money goes, n'est pas?  (French things keep popping into my head cause I'm reading The Long Run by Daniel Keys Moran.)  See 'ya soon, and remember, "Green thumbs aren't green, they're dirty."

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