Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today was one of those days that came close to being an acceptable excuse for not meeting my challenge, because my adorable and active 2year old granddaughter, whom I have the great fortune of being able to take care of every day, was  sick with a cold and fever, and all she wanted was to sit on Granma's lap.  Made me so sad, to see her under the weather.

However on second viewing of the problem, she went home at 5:00, my good man took us out to dinner, I came home and took a hot bath, so now I have enough energy to string a few words together.  

Where is The Ficus Wrangler headed?  Well, like my little blog intro says, I want to teach the professional methods of plant care to the general public.  In addition, I might find a role as a liason between that professional world and the general public.  Since I started accessing the internet and going on some houseplant forums, one thing that has amazed me is the total ignorance of the public, the plant-interested public, that is, about the function and activities of interior plantscapers.  On the other side of the coin, the industry seems to have totally dismissed the hobbyist public as irrelevant.  I think there is some real room for improvement here.

Also, I will be adding pictures.  As soon as I can figure out some technical issues.  Some of them will be from my videos, which we are shooting to accompany the text from the book, some of them will be of projects I'm doing around here.

The book is another big direction.  The Color of Your Thumb Has Nothing To Do With It and it's accompanying video is destined for publication in some fashion or other, and though the progress is slower than I thought it would be, it is, nevertheless, progress.

Also, I would like to bring to the public many of the products that are generally available only to the industry.      And possibly operate a news letter and/or forum where people can ask questions and discuss plant topics, though there are some excellent forums already:   and  are two that I have found especially informative.

That sounds like plenty to keep me busy for the next year.  

Tomorrow I'm going to share some thoughts on the thoughts and thinking of plants.  So till then...

Happy trailers to you, until we meet again. And always, Bona Fortuna.
                                                                                                   (by Marlie Graves)

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