Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Kind of a strange sounding number for a year....2010 was nice and round, 2012 was alliterative, but 2013 just sounds....peculiar.

At any rate, I am undertaking a creative challenge to write 7 blog entries in 7 days.  Whoa, you say, now there's a heavy challenge.  Well, considering that the last time I "challenged" myself to writing every day, I did 2 days,  then after 3 days attempted to catch up with 1 entry, then pretty much blew it all off, 7/7 sounds pretty major to me.  So I start with a little bitty challenge, and after that we'll see how it goes.

Also I know this is supposed to be a "plant" blog.  Some one might drop by here looking to find "what your plants are thinking about you," a very clever idea from my friends at Hamblin Media, who do my animation and videography,  but which I have not yet figured out exactly how to express.

I have a few ideas, about thinking plants as well as blog development, promotion, etc, but my major problem in Fighting the Procrastination Pit is too much mulling, not enough serving. (Totally obscure reference to the recent holiday preparation of hot mulled wine.  Which was delicious, by the way, but would have been of no value at all if it hadn't been scooped from the mulling pot, poured into cups, and consumed.)  So I need to get out the old ladel and start pouring a few words onto...what exactly, not paper...the collective electronic conscious, I guess we'll call it.

And no more excuses - I'm too tired really is not acceptable.  While I realize that a few occurrences could conceivably stand between me and accomplishment of my simple challenge, like climatic catastrophe or debilitating disease, I just don't expect such in the next 7 days.  So let this stand as introduction and policy statement.  Tomorrow I promise something that involves plants, plus a little about where The Ficus Wrangler is heading.

Prayers for peace for all in this new year, and Bona Fortuna on all your houses.

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